The End and The Beginning. A Blog by Ryan

Good morning. Long-ish post, but I hope you’ll take a few to read this It appears our October UK tour will be our last “headline” tour for quite a while. For the past 3 years we have been touring in the UK, consistently. Twice a year. Attempting to build a strong following and establish ourselves as a great live band. I am SUPER thankful, and super proud of the work we’ve put in. We know we can pack the small/medium sized clubs… and the folks who come see us feel more like family than fans. Part of me feels like it’s the end of a chapter. Because, it is, I guess. Haha. But it’s all going exactly how we hoped it would! Our hard work is paying off, and now, for the next year (and a little more) we’re getting the opportunity to be the support band on bigger tours. We’re also getting the opportunity to tour beyond the UK. It’s happening. It’s ALL happening. Just as we’d hoped. It feels strange, but it feels REALLY good. Here’s what I want…. and I really hope we can make it happen. I want the October UK tour to feel like a CELEBRATION! I want you ALL to come see what will likely be our very last tour in clubs this small (which is a GOOD thing, because it means we’re having success in this crazy business… right? RIGHT!). So, if you don’t have tickets for October… go get em! They’re only £12. Because when we can, we will ALWAYS make sure everyone can afford tickets to our shows. Our new single will be out in a few weeks, and we will be playing 4-5 BRAND NEW SONGS on this tour. Like I said, I WANT THIS TO BE A CELEBRATION! Sorry for yelling. I’m just excited! ? Come see us! Come celebrate what we have all done TOGETHER! I feel excited, I feel nervous… I feel all of the things someone in our current position would feel. But, I feel READY. It’s been a long road to here. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Because it got us here, and we’re stronger than we would have been if it’d been quick and/or easy. I have SO MUCH love for you all. I can’t wait to see all those familiar UK faces in October. Now… if you don’t have tickets yet. GO GET THEM. Love -Ryan
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