UK Tour Starts TODAY!

Our UK Tour starts today in Nottingham, and it’s got me reminiscing. Just a few years ago, we were literally playing in LIVING ROOMS in the UK. I mean… LOOK at this photo. Haha. I had just recorded my first solo album, and we started over… from scratch. No label, no management etc… Just a fresh new outlook, and an unhinged sense of determination. Now, here we are. Just a few years later. Playing sold out shows in the UK and America. Signed to the best Record Label ever. Amazing management (thank you, Steve Rosier!). Amazing Tour Manager (love you, Pam!). A Big time Booking Agent… and the support of the most AMAZING friends/fans/family. I am so thankful. I have never been more proud of an album than I am, This is the Sound… and I’ve never been more excited about a tour, than I am about the one that starts TODAY. I love this band! This one’s gonna be special. LET’S GO! ? -Ryan

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