LIGHT BULB 2 FACE MOMENT. Art inspiring more art.

Long-ish post… but I felt the need to share ?
So, I’ve been in this hyper creative, uber productive … “full speed
ahead” … SUPER manic state for about a week now. Drawing, painting,
writing songs etc… I feel like I’m on drugs, but I’m totally not.
Haha. A few days ago I watched a documentary about artist Ralph
Steadman. It’s called For No Good Reason. I found it incredibly
inspiring. I also had this light bulb “idea” moment while watching it.
Back in the day he would manipulate
polaroid photos while they were developing. The crazy cool results ended
up in his “Paranoids” book. (totally worth checking out… awesomely
weird stuff) ANYWAY … when he was working on the Paranoids, he would
sometimes have people hold things up next to their faces while he was
photographing them. It was seeing THAT that gave me my light bulb
moment. I could TOTALLY print out photos of musical heroes, historical
figures… whoever, really… print them out, fold the photo in half…
hold it in front of a face… line it up… take a NEW photo … and end
up with this weirdly cool “two face” style photo. THEN use the photo as
a reference for a new painting. I experimented with it on myself first
(see the Warhol/me two face). Then I decided to see if I could replicate
the idea/photo/painting with my wife, Holly (see the Bowie/Holly two
face). I know I’m not the greatest artist ever… but I am SO PROUD of
this idea/concept… and the process I figured out… and the finished
product. In fact, I’ve never been more proud of anything I’ve ever drawn
or painted. I feel like I took everything I’ve learned up till now, and
put all those elements into new paintings. It feels amazing to have an
original idea… see it through to the end… and feel super proud of
what you created. Ya know? ?
Also gotta say… I freakin LOVE how inspirational a documentary like
“For No Good Reason” can be. Much like when I hear an incredible song,
and it inspires me to sit down and write something new… Ralph Steadman
inspired me to draw/paint something new. I love that. Art and music
inspiring more art and music.


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