The Power of a Photo.

Oh my God… guys… I’M FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!! … and now that I’m done crying on my laptop…?, I’ll share. Haha. Seriously though. Not to be all dramatic… or “emo” (I’m still not sure what “emo” really is ?) about this… but the CRAZIEST, most unexpected, thing just happened. My computer was running out of space, so I was transferring some old files to my portable hard drive. I found the photos I got to take of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers a few years ago. I couldn’t help myself and decided to look through them. I had NO IDEA I took so many! Almost 400 photos… sheesh. I must have been excited. Haha. Anyway… as you may know, he was/is a hero of mine… and his passing affected me greatly. It still hurts my heart. I was scrolling through the photos and I found THIS ONE. He is looking RIGHT AT ME. To have a moment like I just had… where you’re scrolling through photos of a hero who passed away… and then see him looking right back at you… in a photo you took… I mean… I can’t even…. It moved me to tears. At the time it was, of course, SO special to get to photograph one of my heroes… but now, stumbling onto this after he’s passed… it means more than I could ever accurately describe here in this post. Man… I knew photos could be powerful… but I wasn’t quite aware a photo could be THIS powerful. Forever grateful for this man, and the opportunity to take, and stumble upon, this photo. Wow. ❤️❤️❤️


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