Introducing ART for CREW. Long-ish post, but I REALLY hope you’ll read this. We’re
introducing something new on the tour dates this year. We’re calling it,
ART for CREW. We are extremely lucky to have amazing folks (lookin’ at
YOU Pam & Steve!) who go above and beyond for this band. I always
find myself wanting to do MORE for these people who do SO MUCH for us.
We, of course, pay them what we can… but it just never feels like it’s
enough. I know they do it because they care about us, they believe
in our band, and they love being a part of it all. Here’s what we wanna
do for our amazing crew. I drew/painted 8 new pieces of original art, 1
for each show (show date & venue included on the art) … and we
will be selling ONE PER SHOW. Pricing will be left to Pam & Steve’s
discretion at the merch table. Just make ‘em an offer! Whether they sell
the art for £5 or £50, EVERY POUND GOES TO THE CREW. I thought this
would be a fun and unique way to make these folks some extra cash, and
show them that we love ’em. Not only can you potentially snag some
original art for super cheap.. My hope is that everyone will embrace
this for the fun and supportive thing that it’s meant to be. We love our
crew. Here’s a sneak peek at the art I did for these upcoming UK dates.
See you soooooon. Love -Ryan, Mickey & Rob


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