Hey guys. I need to share. Yesterday, something changed. Truth is, the past month or so has been REALLY difficult. As some of you have noticed and pointed out, there have been several “poor me” posts, posted then deleted. Mostly because I know others have had it much worse than I. I try and keep things pretty positive here, but I don’t wanna be fake. Ya know? A little after Christmas, I got a really bad cold/flu. I had this super intense coughing fit and broke 2 of my ribs. Which is a TERRIBLE thing to break when you have a cough that won’t stop. About a week later, it froze and iced over here in Texas. I slipped on the icy back steps at home… fell… and landed on the freshly broken ribs. Cracking them even more. Can’t tell you how painful that was. So, there I was. Twice broken ribs and a cold/flu/cough that wasn’t getting better. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I’ll save you the extra long post about how my mental health jumped all over the situation… but, damn. I was ready to start this year off with a BANG! I guess I did. It just wasn’t the “bang” I was hoping for. Haha. EVERYTHING got delayed. Singing the Country tunes for the album with Tony. Prepping the new release for the Traitors. Emails, phone calls, meetings etc… I am NOT good at sitting around doing nothing. It really does a number on my mental state. Ok, so fast forward a couple of weeks. After some hard core prescription drugs, home remedies for stopping a cough, and A LOT of rest. I was finally starting to feel better. I’m almost there now. I’m still not 100%, but my voice is back and I can sing again! THANK THE LORD. The ribs are still healing, but it’s only a slight annoyance now. I’m getting caught up on all the emails and delayed projects. The Country album with Tony, the new Traitors EP, and prepping the new Traitors studio album later this year. For whatever reason, I felt this overwhelming sense of relief, happiness and excitement yesterday. Not really sure what it was… but I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to feel so happy and excited about the future. Holly took this picture yesterday. Next to the steps I slipped and fell on. I really like this photo. I look happy. Ok… I’m ready to start 2018 now. Love you guys. -Ryan


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